Do you use 是 correctly?


Summary : We all know what 是 is. But do you use it correctly?

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Water Fun


Summary : It's summer. We need some water fun.

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Chinese Words With No English Equivalent


Summary : In this show, we will learn 10 Chinese words with no English equivalent

Description: When we learn a foreign language, we try to translate it into our native language. Unfortunately, this is not a good met … more>>



Summary : Learn the terms of 70后,80后,90后

Description: Have you ever heard the words: 70后,80后,90后?What do they mean and what's the cultural background of these words? Let's ch … more>>

World Cup Terms in Chinese


Summary : Let's take a look at how Chinese people watch games and learn some phrases.

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Game Terms in Chinese


Summary : How can I play games in Chinese?

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Why is Gaokao that important in China


Summary : Vera is taking English Gaokao exam again.

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KK Story Time-Ep01


Summary : KK Story Time is a show for learners to practice Chinese listening skills.

Description: Level: HSK4 Keywords: 毛(máo): fur, down;柳絮(liǔ xù):catkin;梧桐树(wú tóng shù):oriental plane For transcript: www.kakachin … more>>

How to Say "No" in Chinese besides "不"


Summary : In this episode, we are going to learn 5 ways to say "no" in Chinese.

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Daily life difference between China and the US


Summary : 5 differences bothered our Chinese hosts when they were in the US.

Description: Check out our website for the transcript. more>>