Tea Break Chinese-流量


Summary : How to say "data", "smartphone", "phone plan"...

Description: "Data", "smartphone", "phone plan"... how can we say these phrases in Chinese? Check out this lesson more>>

The difference among 不,没,别


Summary : Three "not" 不,没,别

Description: Many learners are confused about the different "not" 不,没,别 in Chinese. So today we are going to talk about how to use th … more>>



Summary : Today we will learn some common polyphonic characters.

Description: More than 250 of the 3,500 Chinese characters are polyphonic! So learning polyphonic characters is very important. Today … more>>



Summary : Particle word 的得地

Description: There are three de in Chinese: 的得地. It's so confusing! Check out this video and you will finally get how to use 的得地 … more>>

Sentences that you always say them wrong


Summary : We are going to learn 4 sentence structures that always confuse learners.

Description: To some sentences patterns, you can't find the equivalent. So it's very important for you to learn them not to translate … more>>

All about "Hot"


Summary : Today we are going to talk about how to use "hot" in Chinese.

Description: I'm hot/You're hot/He is hot...we use these the "hot" quite often in China. But it's definitely not that hot hot. Let's … more>>

Merge into Chinese Office: Take a Nap


Summary : Do you know you're encouraged to take a nap in the office in China?

Description: I was pretty shocked when I was told it's inappropriate to take a nap in the office. Check out for t … more>>

Chinese Onomatopoeia


Summary : Let's learn some interesting onomatopoeia in Chinese

Description: Do you know what onomatopoeia is quite different in different languages? Today we are going to explore how sounds sound … more>>

Chinese superstition


Summary : This show listed several common superstitions in China.

Description: If you want to know more about China and Chinese culture, you shouldn't miss this show. more>>

Chinese jokes


Summary : We have three Chinese jokes here.

Description: It's hard to get jokes in a foreign language. So if you can understand these jokes in Chinese, your Chinese must be good … more>>