Learn Chinese step by step at your own pace.

"Light" Study

Just a little bit of studying every day adds up to a lot learned every month.

Learn what you need

Only study what you need to know.

New Content Update

There will always be new content to study.

"Light" Study

Each of our lessons have been designed with the student in mind and focus on the most useful little bits and pieces of Chinese, which aids in easier, quicker learning without wasting any unnecessary time or energy. 

Learn what you need

If you feel there is no need to learn 3500+ characters, then just go for your own Chinese language goals; whether it’s just for travel, making friends, business or even Chinese language tests, learn what you want to learn!

New Content Update

Our lessons, from which you’ll learn modern-day colloquial Chinese, are uploaded according to a fixed schedule that will provide you with tons of new content each week. 

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